A Brief Introduction of Dr. S.Dam Roy


Dr. Sibnarayan Dam Roy,

Head, Kolkata Research Station of ICAR-CIFRI, CGO Complex, 2nd Floor, C-wing, DF Block, Slat Lake, Kolkata, West Bangal-700064

Ex-Director, ICAR-Central Island Agricultural Research Institute, Port Blair, Andaman & Nicobar Islands-744101

E-mail:  sibnarayan@gmail.com

Blog: http://sibnarayandamroy.in

Mobile: 08348001000

Date of Birth: 31st December, 1959

Place of Birth: Shillong, Meghalaya, India


1977-1984 (Bachelor of Fisheries Science) B.F.Sc, (Master of Fisheries Science) M.F.Sc from College of Fisheries, Mangalore University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore, INDIA

Ph.D (Zoology) from Dr.B.R. Ambedkar University, Agra, INDIA


Awarded by
Dr. Rajendra Prasad Puraskar
Best technical book in Hindi
S. Dam Roy
Lieutenant Governor’s  Commendation Certificate
Andaman & Nicobar Administration
Union Territory Level On the occasion of Independence Day 2008
S. Dam Roy
Fakhruddin Ali  Ahmed Award
2000 –01
S. Dam Roy ,
R. Soundararajan
Hooker Award
2000  -01
S. Dam Roy
ICAR Team Research Award (in Fisheries)
1994– 96
N. Sarangi , S. Dam Roy,
R.Soundararajan, K. Dorairaj
S. Michael Raj

Summary of Experience

2020- till date  Head, 
                 Kolkata Research Station of ICAR-CIFRI, CGO Complex, 
                 2nd Floor, C-wing, DF Block, Slat Lake, Kolkata, 
                 West Bangal-700064
2017-2020        Principal Scientist, 
                 ICAR- Central Island Agricultural Research Institute,
                 Port Blair, Andaman & Nicobar Islands
2012- 2017       Director, 
                 ICAR- Central Island Agricultural Research Institute,
                 Port Blair, Andaman & Nicobar Islands
2010-2012        Head of Division, Aquaculture
2005- 2010       Head, Division of Fisheries Science
2000-2005        Senior Scientist (Fisheries)
1999-2000        Director of Fisheries, 
                 A & N Islands
                 Executive Director of Andaman Fisheries Ltd
                 Chairman, A&N Fishermen Coop. Federation
1996-1999        Scientist (SS) (Fisheries)
1989-1996        Scientist (Fish & Fisheries Science)
1984-1989        Fishery Officer, Deptt. of Fisheries,
                 Arunachal Pradesh

Institutional Responsibilities

Member Secretary, of 4th & 5th RAC, CARI Port Blair
Member Secretary, QRT of CARI 2001-06
Member, IMC, CARI (5 years)
Chairman – CARI Employees Welfare Association
Chairman – House Allotment Committee
Vigilance Officer, CARI, Port Blair.

Accomplishments of Dr. S. Dam Roy

Dr. S. Dam Roy has a versatile career profile. He has rich experience in education, research, extension, policy intervention and administration.


He has worked on diverse aspects during the last 10 years like development of culture technologies, fisheries resource assessment, and documentation of coastal biodiversity.

He has carried out seminal work on Mangrove ecology, prepared an inventory of mangrove fauna and flora and a compendium on mangrove biodiversity. In collaboration with Space Application Centre, Ahmedabad Dr. S. Dam Roy has developed a model for assessment of coral reef heath. The corals and coral reef fishes of Andaman and Nicobar Islands have been documented. After the 26th December 2004 Tsunami that struck Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Dr. S. Dam Roy formulated project on “Impact of Natural Stresses like earthquake and tsunami and their impact on mangrove & corals of Andaman & Nicobar Islands”. A plethora of information has been generated and documented.

Apart from this Dr. S. Dam Roy has carried out work on eco-friendly brackishwater aquaculture particularly mono & poly culture of mullets, milkfish, seabass, prawn tilapia. He has standardized the culture of mudcrab Scylla serrata in tidefed brackishwater ponds with a production of 966 kg/ha. On mariculture front breeding of marine ornamental fishes, breeding of endemic gastropods like trochus has been carried out. Besides this breeding of feral tiger prawn has been standardized and the seed has been distributed to the farmers. An initiative has been undertaken for setting up indigenously built cages in the protected bays of Andaman & Nicobar Islands wherein groupers and snappers are cultured.

His research contributions have been fittingly recognized by the council and he was awarded three reputed awards during this period.

Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed Award    
Hooker’s Award
ICAR Team Research Award


While working as a Head of Division, Aquaculture, in the premier Institute of Fisheries Education at Central Institute of Fisheries Education, Mumbai; Dr Dam Roy as a Major advisor has successfully guided 4 Master degree students. Since last two years four Ph.D students are undergoing Ph.D programme under his guidance. Apart from this Dr Dam Roy is the member of Advisory Board of 10 Ph.D students and 2 master degree students. As a faculty member and Head of Division , Dr Dam Roy has been regularly taking Ph.D and Master degree courses related to Aquaculture in Wetlands , Aquaculture  and ecosystem management , Advances in seed production and hatchery management of shell fishes , sustainable aquaculture etc.

He has initiated research on Aquaponics and is in the process of establishing facility for aquaponics in collaboration with Society for Appropriate Rural Technology for Sustainability (ARTS). The funding is to be done by Mumbai Metropolitan Region Environmental Improvement Society.

Dr S.Dam Roy, is the Chairman of Board of studies of Aquaculture and member of Academic Council, Board of Examination and the Governing body of CIFE.

Dr. Dam Roy has guided 12 MSc students from Bharadhidasan University and PRIST University, Tamilnadu for their PG dissertation. He served as the Chairman of Modular Employment Scheme and prepared the syllabus of 14 different modules in Fisheries for the National Vocational Stream of Education.

Dr. S. Dam Roy is a recognized guide of Pondicherry University and an external examiner of CUSAT Kochi, Vidyanagar University, Midnapurand Goa University

Dr. Rajendra Prasad Puraskkar was awarded to Dr S.Dam Roy for best technical book in Hindi for the year 2010. 


Dr. S. Dam Roy has organized over 20 training programmes on various aspects of fisheries and aquaculture and has given over 100 lectures to the farmers. He is credited for taking many technologies to the farmer’s fields through a number of training programmes. His contribution is widely acknowledged for the efforts he had taken for introduction of tiger shrimp farming in the islands. He was instrumental in popularization of freshwater pond-based integrated farming in the islands. Apart from this he has facilitated seed production of Indian Major Carp, Giant freshwater prawn and magur for the benefit of farmers. Dr. S. Dam Roy, has also carried out study on socio economic condition of fishermen of Andaman’s and documented the same in various papers & reports. As a member of Aquaculture implementation committee Dr. S. Dam Roy and his team has carried out extensive survey on the inundated areas of Andaman & Nicobar Islands and submitted a plan to provide alternative livelihood through shrimp culture.

In recognition of his outstanding contribution for the Island fishers and farmers Dr. Dam Roy was awarded the Lieutenant Governor’s Commendation Certificate on the occasion of Independence Day, 2008.

Administration & Policy Intervention

Dr. S. Dam Roy has served as ‘Director of Fisheries’ under A&N Administration and was instrumental in draft policy formulation on the various fisheries sectors like deep sea fishing,  capture and culture fisheries.

Dr. S. Dam Roy was instrumental in organizing four National level Seminars/ workshops on island biodiversity and fishery policy formulation of Andaman & Nicobar Islands.

Implementable Technology Generated

  • Fresh water pond based Integrated Farming System in Bay Islands
  • Culture of mud crab, milkfish, mullet, sea bass, prawn etc in tide fed and pump fed brackishwater ponds in Andamans.

Infrastructure Development

  • Multipurpose Hatchery (Finfish, Crustaceans & Molluscs)
  • Catfish hatchery & nursery
  • Analytical and Microbiology Laboratory
 Projects (Externally funded)
Fund in lakhs
Mega seed project (Fisheries) seed production on Shrimp
Nodal officer
Mangrove Ecosystem Biodiversity and the influence on the natural recruitment
Co – PI
Development of mangrove-based agro aqua farming for restoration of mangrove ecosystem and livelihood through, community farming in Andaman Islands
Breeding seed production and back-yard hatchery development of freshwater prawn, Macrobrachium rosenbergii in Andamans.
To Study the biodiversity of microbes in the Deep water corals of Andaman & Nicobar Islands
Potential Fishing Zone Validation in Andaman Sea
Coastal Zone Studies
Co –PI
Assessment of coral reef health using satellite data.
Co- PI
Standardisation of seed production and culture techniques of mud crab Scylla serrata (Forskal) in Andamans.
Selected Institute projects
Survey of areas for brackishwater aquaculture, mariculture and freshwater fish culture in Andaman and Nicobar Islands
Induction of spawning and larval rearing of Trochus niloticus and subsequent sea ranching programme
Semi-intensive brackishwater aquaculture
Hatchery seed production marine shell fishes of economic importance. PI
Development and culture of monosex Tilapia
Cage culture of commercially important marine and brackish water fishes in protected Bays & creeks of Andamans
Mangrove ecology and its significance in fin recruitment of fishes and crustaceans
Brood stock development and maturity studies for a few species of groupers in Andamans
Studies on recruitment culture and nutritive value of edible oyster of Andaman waters
Air breathing fish culture in Andamans  
Impact of natural stressors (like Earthquake, Tsunami etc) and anthropogenic activities mangrove ecology of Andamans
WSSV Incidence and molecular characterization of Tiger shrimp P. monodon of Andaman waters
Documentation and analysis of fisheries information and forecasting of fisheries in Bay Islands
Biochemical genetics studies on important shell and fin fishes of Andamans
Publication Summary (Total 226)
Research Papers
Seminar /Symposium Papers
Book Chapters and Manuals
Popular Articles
Books Edited/Reports

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